That’s Ambitious

“Here I go again on my own…. Down the only road I’ve ever known …”

Yep, here I am, again, making another attempt at some kind of forward motion with “my” writing. It’s July 2nd, and I’m already behind. 

At first, my challenge to myself this month was to post a drabble a day. Then, I couldn’t find the few I’d already written, so instead my challenge is to post something to this blog every day through July 31. 

Of course, I expect myself to do this perfectly. Well, after today I’ll do it perfectly. And I’ll put up two posts today just to catch up. 

This first one, and probably several, will likely not be much more than journal entries filled with much babble, and nothing as profound or revealing as Doogie Howser’s.  I accept that. It’s quite possible that no one other than myself will read them. I accept that, too. It’s possible that someone will judge me as some talentless, driftless hack that’s cluttering up the internet with drivel. I try not to think about that.


To be continued….

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