Melissa Etheridge has my business card. 

My wife gave it to her after the concert in Des Moines on June 20. We had waited for her to leave the venue, and she autographed my copy of her book. And though I had my card in my hand – I was not hip, slick, and cool enough to hand it to her. So my wife did. She jumped in line, took Melissa’s hand and placed my card in it telling her “I want you to have this for when you decide to write your next book.” She said “Ok. Thank you.”

On the back I had written 

“CHECK ME OUT. You just might want me to help with your next book.”  and then signed my name. Sound arrogant and bold? Maybe, but, how will I ever realize my dream of working with Melissa Etheridge to write her second autobiography if I don’t put the wish out to the Universe to fulfill?

She is one of my heroes and she had the mettle to dream big, so why not I?

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