Responsible Decision-Making

The cusp.

The edge.

The verge.

Isn’t that where all college graduates stand post-degree pre-career? Where the world is vast, bright, and conquerable?


But, then, it’s decision time.  So … what first? Resume? “Nah, that’s boring.” Blog? “About what, though? And how often?” Write? “Yes! But what for? And what about?” Tweet? “Again, how often?” Re-write? “Where do I start?!” Instagram account? “Gotta be everywhere, right?”

Welcome to my analysis paralysis. Look like yours? And so it is.

Have you heard of a dicewalk? In short, you start walking in your city or neighborhood until you come to an intersection. Then roll a die to determine which direction to go. (Click here to read more.) The randomness makes it an adventure that gifts you with unexpected surprises.

No. I haven’t actually done it. But it sounds fun, I like the concept, and I’m learning to trust the Universe to support me. So, what the hell. I gotta give Chance a chance, right?

I used this concept to make these really big decisions: how often to Tweet and how often to post here. (ok, maybe not so big, but I have a Texan’s mind: it thinks everything is big.) The work week starts on Monday, so logically the numbers one through six would correspond with Monday through Saturday. Sending at least two original Tweets per week seemed like a sane start, so I’d roll twice.

First roll – a six. Hmmm… ok, Saturdays, I guess. Even though this felt like an odd letdown.

Second roll – a one. Crap. That’s boring. But I couldn’t re-roll (gotta stay True).

So that was decided. I’ll be sending out Tweets on Saturdays and Mondays. I immediately wanted to postpone and start it all on Monday (I’ll blame my Friday state of mind), but I gotta stay True, so logic dictated that it had to start yesterday.

And with that I was already tired of Chance’s tricks. Mr. Logic decided that because Sunday didn’t get to play in the first round about Tweet days, it could be Blog Day, and I’d post to my blog at least once a week on Sunday.

Whew. First major career plans finalized. And if these don’t seem to really work… I’ll roll again. 

All that Is to Be shall Be,



2 thoughts on “Responsible Decision-Making

  1. Barb Jones

    Haha–a Texan’s mind–love that!! I’ll be trying out the dice walk in the Spring–it will add a new level of enjoyment to my walks!

    Keep rollin’ the dice, my friend!


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